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Amazon dating is just a joke. Amazon confirms that the dating site isn’t actually available. But you can still buy products from the company’s online store. Founded by a former Amazon employee, the website promises to match its users with the best date. The website also offers a variety of other features, such as video chat and e-gift cards.

Parody website that delivers dates

Amazon Dating is a parody website that sells dates, just like the e-commerce giant. It boasts of over 40 singles and offers free delivery within an hour. It plays on the commodification of people on dating apps. The website also encourages users to check the “Deals of the Day” section. For example, if you’re looking for a date, you can buy a Teddy, a 87-year-old bear, for $20 (Rs 1400). The product comes with a description of its features and specifications, and if you’re a Prime member, the website will send you Teddy for free.

The site is a spoof of Amazon and its UX. It was created by a group of content creators, not affiliated with Jeff Bezos’ company. Despite the similarities, it provides different types of dates. The site has several different services that users can choose from.

The website also includes relationship-related features, such as love language options based on Gary Chapman’s book. Despite the obvious satire, Amazon Dating is still a functioning dating website. The team is aware of the fact that the site is a parody and that some people might not like the fact that it monetizes humans. Nonetheless, the audience found the concept funny.


Amazon dating is an online dating service that mimics the look and feel of Amazon’s own site. It even features the Amazon seals of approval. Unlike the real Amazon site, Amazon dating is not aimed at individuals who are interested in romance and relationships, but at those who are interested in meeting people and dating online.

If you are looking for a date, Amazon dating may be right for you. The app eliminates the hassle of swiping through profiles on dating apps and instead uses a powerful algorithm to match people. The app can help you find the perfect date by delivering only the best matches. The site also lets you rate and review the candidates so that you can decide whether they are right for you.

While the website may seem to mimic the real Amazon site, its satirical approach to the online dating scene has received mixed reviews. Some people called it problematic, while others said it was hilarious as it draws comparisons to the toxicity of online dating. For example, many people feel that dating sites make people feel like commodities, which is not good for anyone, especially in Black History Month.

Amazon dating has a few different satirical features that make the app stand out. First, the profile page looks like an Amazon product page, complete with prices, ratings, and user reviews. Users of the app can even write reviews about other people on the site, which adds to the authenticity of the site. In addition to the satirical approach, Amazon dating offers a variety of other features that make it a more enjoyable experience.

Amazon Dating – Just a Joke
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