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When we see Athena Dizon in the movie, She’s Dating with the Gangster, we know that she’s going to get into a bad situation. In the film, Athena falls in love with a gangster and the relationship deteriorates quickly. However, in the end, she’s able to get back on track and get to the right track to happiness.

Athena Dizon

Athena Dizon is a school girl from Southville. She’s also a pianist and singer. However, she’s got a problem. Her boyfriend Kenji de los Reyes is a gangster. He is also the bad boy of the gang.

They started dating because of the dirty looks and rumors from other girls in school. It was also Kenji’s first love. But, he and Athena soon found out that their relationship was a struggle.

When Kenji and Athena finally got married, they had a lot of trouble. Both were a bit careless, and eventually, they lost each other.

After Athena’s death, Kenneth Delos Reyes decides to find out what happened to her. Afterward, he decides that he doesn’t want to be with Kenji. Moreover, he wants to be reunited with his father. And that’s why he is going to meet his father’s family.

The story of Kenji and Athena starts in the 1980s. They are teenagers, so their love story was a lot of misfortunes. In fact, they are both half Korean.

Later, they are seen as teenagers again. Their love story continued. They even confessed their love in the Mayon Volcano.

One True Love is a heartwarming movie that follows a love triangle. It also tells about sacrificing for love.

Aside from Kenji and Athena, there are other characters in this film. Carlo Paez, the Dizon’s little brother, is a basketball player. Grace Matic, the organization officer of the school, is also one of the main characters. Also, Kirby Araneta, the varsity team captain, has feelings for Athena.

Athena is also a college student. Her best friend is Sarah Jung. Another character is Jigs Bala, a BS Bio student.

Kenji de los Reyes

If you are looking for a Filipino movie that can be watched on Netflix, She’s Dating The Gangster is the one for you. This is a blockbuster film starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Kenji de los Reyes and Athena Dizon fall in love during their college years. They pretend to be lovers to trick their ex-boyfriends, gangsters. Their story was plagued by misfortunes.

The movie opens with Kenji Delos Reyes delivering a speech during a wedding. Kenneth is present to witness the occasion, but is not at all impressed with Kenji’s speech.

Later on, Kelay and Kenneth find a way to reunite the couple. Kenneth offers to take Kelay back to Manilla, but Kelay refuses. As a result, Kenneth is left with no choice but to take a long road trip to Bicol.

Athena and Kenji’s love story is told in alternating timelines: the 1980s and the present. Throughout their relationship, they alternate between having to deal with rival gangsters and dirty looks from the girls in school. However, it is their love that keeps them alive.

Despite the hiccups, Kenji and Athena’s love story is a moving one. Although the movie is not a masterpiece, it is still an entertaining watch. You will also enjoy the beautiful cinematography and the wonderful acting performances. In addition, the movie features the best scene ever filmed in the Philippines.

There are lots of other interesting scenes to appreciate in the movie. You may even want to watch it again. That said, the movie is a must-watch for any Filipino movie enthusiast. It is also available for streaming in the U.S. and elsewhere.

With a great story, solid acting and impressive special effects, She’s Dating The Gangster is definitely worth the price of admission. It is also one of the many Filipino movies available on Netflix.

Cathy Garcia-Molina’s script

She’s Dating the Gangster is the latest offering from Star Cinema. Featuring the likes of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, it is the brainchild of director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Known for her helmed “Pintada,” “One More Chance” and “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” she is also a single mom of two children. Interestingly, her films have made it to the top seven of the country’s highest-grossing romantic comedies.

She’s Dating the Gangster is not a simple film by any means. While it is a slick production, the material itself is a bit of a stretch. However, the script does a bit of the requisite research to deliver a reasonably palatable film. The story may be a bit predictable and the writing may be a little sloppier than your typical teen angst flick, but the resulting film still deserves a look.

In addition to the usual suspects, the movie’s stars include a number of notable names in the industry. From producer Joel Cuenca to Cathy Garcia-Molina and her husband Daniel Padilla, the cast is rounded out by a handful of supporting actors. Indeed, the most noteworthy aspect of the film is that it is not just another trite love story with the same old song and dance. As a result, it boasts a bevy of swoon-worthy moments and impressive special effects. It also manages to make a few interesting stabs at the sex game.

She’s Dating the Gangster certainly deserves a place in the oeuvre of the Filipino cinematic romances. For fans of the best-selling novel, the changes are not a total disappointment. And the movie actually has a few wacky, albeit fun, moments that will leave you wanting more.

Athena’s relationship with the gangster

When Athena and Kenji are finally in love, they must face a series of challenges that alter their relationship. As a result, they are forced to make a decision that changes the course of their relationship. They both must put aside their differences and learn to work together.

Athena and Kenji de los Reyes have been in love for years. They are college students. However, when Athena discovers that Kenji has a son, she breaks up with him. This sparks a long-gestating reckoning.

She’s Dating the Gangster is based on the novel by Bianca Bernardino. Kathryn Bernardo plays Athena, while Daniel Padilla portrays Kenji. The film is a stylish film that focuses on the struggles of two young students.

While the film is fun to watch, it doesn’t really go far enough in challenging the characters or the material. It does have some mature themes, however. Some loose comparisons can be drawn between the film and Romeo and Juliet.

The movie also contains a lot of violence. The violence is framed in a way that is reminiscent of Delacroix paintings. There is also a choral-infused score. Overall, it is a delightful film that is perfect for teen love-struck audiences.

In the end, the film ends with a sense of loss. It was the right love at the wrong time. Their decisions are unbelievable. The story ends with a heavy feeling of injustice.

One of the movie’s best features is its stunning visuals. The film is set in a tough area. Director Ladj Ly (Les Miserables) captures the day-to-day life in these tough neighborhoods.

Kelay Dizon is the son of Kenji. He has a history of police brutality. And because of this, he is desperate. Aside from being a bad boy, he is handsome. So, he is constantly flirting with Kenneth.

Movie review

She’s dating with the gangster is a teen romance movie. It’s an adaptation of the novel by Bianca Bernardino. The story takes place in two time periods, the 1980s and the present day.

While She’s Dating with the gangster has a few good things going for it, it falls short of being a perfect movie. Despite its cheesy gimmicks, the film is still a pleasant watch for some people. There is a bit of a love triangle here, with Kenji de los Reyes, Kenneth delos Reyes, and Athena. However, the romance is a chink in the armor of the film’s more sweeping romantic schemes.

Compared to some of the other Filipino films available on Netflix, She’s dating with the gangster has a rather mediocre quality. In fact, it isn’t much more than a teleserye-inspired twist on the classic teen romance.

She’s dating with the gangster follows two students. One is a gangster (Kenji de los Reyes) who pretends to be the romantic interest of a beautiful schoolgirl (Athena Dizon). This fictitious relationship holds up well enough to be charming.

What’s most interesting about the film is that it’s not just about the romance, though. It also features a teleserye-inspired moment, and a series of ominous medical complications. For one thing, Athena is afflicted with a rare heart disease that leaves her wheelchair bound and prone to complications.

Rather, it’s a film about second chances. Specifically, a romance between Kenji and Athena, which is both a wacky and a very serious story.

While the film’s plot is fairly predictable, the romance is a bit of a hoot. Athena plays a nifty trick on Kenji, which is only amplified by her ominous condition.

She’s Dating With the Gangster on Netflix
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