8 Ways On How To Start A Conversation Online in 2018

8 Ways On How To Start A Conversation Online in 2018

8 Ways On How To Start A Conversation Online in 2018

Starting a conversation can indeed be intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially if you like that person or would like to get to know him or her better. No one likes rejection and it is understandable. Although, it is always worth a try. You never know what might eventually develop from a simple “Hello”. An online dating user wanted to share his advice on how to start a conversation online and the cute things to say to your crush.

I have been involved with online dating culture for over 4 years. I must say, it is quite an interesting experience. I have dated a few women but also have been rejected a couple of times. I remember when I first started using online dating sites, I was looking at a photo of an attractive female and thinking, “I don’t know how to talk to you…”  During this time, I have gained a lot of dating experience, got to use some pick-up lines and also learned great conversation starters. I will guide you through the process on how to start a conversation with a female online as well as in real life.”

How to start a conversation with a girl online

“Since I already started talking about online dating, let’s go through my tips on how to start a conversation with a female onlineHow to start a conversation with a girl online

1. Say something original

“Hello, how are you?” is nice and polite, but think about how many times she has probably received a message like that. A lot of us men fail to be creative and tend to send the same typical messages over and over again to different women. I bet her inbox is filled with “Hello”, “How was your day?” types of messages to the point that she cannot keep track of them anymore. I suggest saying something personal and original that could only refer to her. For example a question about her profile information, etc. That way she will know that you are truly interested in getting to know her and are not simply copy-pasting the same message to multiple women on a dating site.”

2. Compliment her

“Again, I am not talking about compliments such as “You are beautiful” and “You are gorgeous”. These are some of the most commonly used compliments that don’t even feel special to women anymore. One of the best ways to start a conversation online would be giving her a special and individual compliment. If you like her style, tell her. If you think she has pretty eyes, let her know. She will appreciate you saying something other than “You are cute”, trust me on this one, haha”

3. Show that you are interested

Say something original

“ If you are wondering how to keep a conversation going, read on. Take your time and learn about her. Ask her questions that make you think and find out what she is like. This is not only for the purpose of testing compatibility, but it also says a lot about you. Most women like talking about themselves and their lives, go ahead and give her a topic or a question and prepare to listen. That way, she will know that you are truly interested in her as a person. Your match will get even more motivated to reply and you can have some very interesting and funny conversations. Then, hopefully, you can continue this conversation over a drink later :)”

How to start a conversation with a girl in real life

Starting a conversation in real life, of course, is more difficult but all is possible. These are my suggestions on how to start a conversation with a cute female you have laid your eyes on.”

4. Introduce yourself

“You can never go wrong with a simple straightforward introduction. Make eye contact, approach her, and say: “Hi, My name is Jack and what is your name?”. In my opinion, an introduction is one of the most successful ways of  starting a conversation with a woman.”

5. Ask her about her day

To my mind, this approach is also highly effective. Go up to her with a smile and say, “How is your day going?”. It is a simple casual question that is not clingy or weird.”Ask her about her day

6. Ask a question about something you have in common

“If you happen to know each other from work or other shared activity but haven’t had the chance to speak yet, I advise you to ask her a question related to that. If you happen to be coworkers, you could ask something along the lines, “Hey, what do you think of the new project that we got introduced to today?”, “Did you find the work training helpful?”. If you go to the same cooking class, you could start a conversation with: “Hey, how did you like the today’s recipe?”. It could be anything you want :)”

7. Talk about an upcoming event

“This is another great idea on how to make good conversation. You can start talking to her by mentioning an event that both of you will attend. This conversation starter can also help you to test how much the two of you have in common. If it is a music festival, ask what bands or performers she is hoping to see or ask if she has previously attended this event in the past and what should you expect. Talking about upcoming events make good conversation topics, that’s for sure. “

8. Bring up a mutual friend

“If you two happen to share a mutual friend, you can begin your conversation with her by asking how she had met that person. For example, “You know Rob? Me too! We have known each other since high school. Good guy.”

I hope my advice on how to start a conversation will help you on your dating journey. In reality, there are hundreds of different ways to start a conversation with someone. However, I listed the ones that had worked for me very well personally and I wish the same for you. I wish you good luck on your online dating journey but also do not forget about real life interaction :).

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