Victoria Brides AU review: the site that made me change my mind about online dating in 2018

Victoria Brides AU review: the site that made me change my mind about online dating in 2018

Victoria Brides AU review: the site that made me change my mind about online dating in 2018

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On 11/16/2017
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I met a pretty and fun girl Lisa from Melbourne, Australia. Having spent two months chatting on the site, we decided to move to Skype and Facebook. Then we started visiting each other on the weekends.

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Hello, everyone! I wrote this review to describe my experience on a dating site that helped me find a girlfriend in another country. It is Victoria Brides, a reputable dating site (not a scam) that is accessible in most countries, including Australia. Before I start, I have to admit that I am a conservative American guy who never was a fan of online dating and never believed it was possible to meet someone normal on such sites. But nearly a year ago, I attended the wedding of my Australian cousin who had met his wife on a dating site and was very proud of it.

When we got drunk, he started approaching every single man at the party and encouraging them to register there. He especially urged me, as I was getting over a bad breakup at that time. He kept pushing me until I created an account on this site from my mobile phone. I was sure I was going to delete it once I’d return to New York. But by sheer chance (or luck), I forgot to do it. Several days later, I saw a picture of my ex-girlfriend with another man on Facebook, and it made me think about the opportunities I was missing. I remembered about my account on the dating site. After reading one detailed Victoria Brides review, I decided to log in … and it changed my life. Within three months, I was deeply in love and started thinking about moving to AU (Australia). How did this happen? Read this review to learn more.

Target audience

My friend and I succeeded in finding love on this site because it has a focus on a long-lasting, committed relationship.  It’s a great place to start looking for “the one” to spend your life with because here you can find thousands of people who are serious about love. Heterosexuals, as well as homosexuals, are able to start here the relationship of their dreams.

Girls at

The site already has a thousand-plus membership base that continues to grow by the hundreds daily. Most are from the U.S. and European countries (mostly from Eastern Europe). However, you can also meet a lot of single women from Canada (CA) and Australia (AU) on Victoria Brides. Regarding the gender distribution, there are more female members than male. So if you are a guy looking for love, you’ll have the scales tipped in your favor!

The membership base on this site is rather diverse in terms of age. I was looking for a girl under 28 and saw hundreds of active members. At the same time, I received a lot of messages from older women. Yes, this site is a little corner of paradise where women don’t hesitate to make the first move!

Membership subscription

Being a premium site means that there are very few free services on Victoria Brides. But for $9.99, you gain a subscription plan for an unlimited time, which I consider to be a huge advantage. When you join a dating site to meet a woman for a lifelong commitment, you don’t know how long it will take you. My cousin, for example, had spent a year on the site before he met his wife. And I had been a member for seven months when I realized that I found the woman of my dreams.

With your basic subscription, you get access to all your statistics, including profile visitors, who added to you to their Favorites, and who Liked you. You’re able to read your incoming messages and view the private photos of other members, without paying more. Also, you get 20 credits (the site’s currency) to spend on the site’s paid services. 

Buying credits at

They include practically all types of interactions with other members:

  • Live chatting;
  • Sending messages to other members;
  • Viewing videos of other members;
  • Sending virtual gifts to other members;
  • Ordering doorstep delivery of flowers and presents.


Such a pricing policy is effective in filtering out anyone who isn’t serious about finding love on this site. So consider that you are paying for the ability to be part of a community that has the same values and attitude to love and relationship as you.  You can keep your privacy and pay securely for the services this site offers with your VISA, MasterCard, or Maestro.

Quality search tools and unique features of

This site gives you all the tools you need to find your ideal partner: an advanced search engine with numerous categories, a fun Faces game, a well-developed matchmaking service and all types of communication channels, including video. The icings on the cake are tools aimed at bringing more life and reality to a long-distance virtual relationship – an online shop of different romantic stuff with international delivery, the ability to exchange contact info safely, and the Set up a Date function that help members from different countries arrange the meeting that will change their live forever.

Also, all site members get a high level of customer care and reliable protection of their personal and financial data. I was also pleased to find here the ability to verify my identity for the benefit of my girlfriend. It’s one of numerous protective measures that the administrators of have taken to protect their site from any scam that is available to members anywhere in the world –  New York, Sidney, or any other city.

So what are the unique advantages of Victoria Brides?

  • Filling in the introductory questionnaires as best you can in order to get the best match results and online profile, which can be enhanced with a description of yourself in your own words.
  • Posting your best photos and make some of them Private, available only to those members with whom you’ve exchanged messages or chatted with.
  • Getting notified of new matching partners every day that are generated by the site’s algorithms.
  •  Playing the fun Faces game at VictoriaBrides.comReceiving an e-mail notification each time something important happens on the site.
  • Viewing all your statistics, including profile visitors, people who have Liked your page or added it to their Favorites.
  • Having access to both simple (by age) and extended (by country, city, children, marital status, religion, education, drinking and smoking habits) search engines.
  • Playing the fun Faces game. It’s a Tinder-like tool in which you can Like or skip photos of female members. But unlike the Tinder app, you can start a conversation with a woman you like immediately by clicking on the Send a Message button.
  • Send virtual gifts to the women you’ve developed relations with.
  • Wink other members.
  • Order the delivery of flowers or other romantic stuff to your girlfriend from the site’s online shop.
  • Exchange contact info with your partner safely if you both decide to move your communication off the site.
  • Set up a date with your girlfriend in her native country (only for verified members).
  • Meet your dream woman and fall madly in love!

Pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons of this dating site:


  • All necessary tools to start a relationship online.
  • Unique features that help you move your relationship to the next stage.
  • Reliable security measures.
  • Rich membership base.



  • You need to invest a lot of money to build a real relationship here.
  • No application for iPhone (only a mobile version of the site).
  • Too many message notifications.


Frankly, I wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship with a woman from another country when I joined I was hoping to find someone from my state. But fate had other plans. After five months of being a member and exploring the various women, I met a pretty and fun girl Lisa from Melbourne, Australia. Having spent two months chatting on the site, we decided to move to Skype and Facebook. Then we started visiting each other on the weekends.

I have relatives in the neighboring town Sunbury, and for several years I had been thinking about moving closer to them. So when Lisa and I were getting serious, I managed to find a job in Melbourne and move there. My life has gone through a lot of changes, but I’m incredibly happy as a result. So here is my message to all guys who decide to join Victoria Brides after reading this review: Don’t’ be afraid! Maybe your special woman is also waiting for you somewhere in Australia (AU).

I met a pretty and fun girl Lisa from Melbourne, Australia. Having spent two months chatting on the site, we decided to move to Skype and Facebook. Then we started visiting each other on the weekends.

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