VictoriaDates: The Site That Makes Your Dreams Come True in 2018

VictoriaDates: The Site That Makes Your Dreams Come True in 2018

VictoriaDates: The Site That Makes Your Dreams Come True in 2018

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On 11/15/2017
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If you are a guy or girl searching for a serious relationship without prejudice that online dating is for losers, keep reading this VictoriaDates review about the site that connects people from Australia, the U.S., and European countries.

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I am a geek, and communication technologies are one of my passions. I really think that they make life easier for us, and I disagree with those who say that they ruin human relationships.  On the contrary, I have found that they help us meet people we otherwise would not have had the chance to meet, as well as stay in touch with those people we care about. I wrote this VictoriaDates review to describe how modern online dating technologies helped a single guy from Australia meet the love of his life, and how you can use this experience to find your dream woman or dream man.

And I also want to share some useful tips that can help you make the process of looking for love on this site more efficient and reap more results. If you are a guy or girl searching for a serious relationship without prejudice that online dating is for losers, keep reading this VictoriaDates review about the site that connects people from Australia, the U.S., and European countries.  

Who Are the People Using This Site?

This site is an international dating platform for premium users that focuses on a serious relationship. It means that its average member meets these criteria:

  • He or she is looking for loving, trustful relationship with “the one”;
  • He or she earns enough to spend money on quality online dating services;
  • He or she is ready to date a person who lives in another country and doesn’t consider a long-distance relationship to be a problem.


Who Are the People Using VictoriaDates?For now, there are fewer guys than girls on this site, which means that we, guys, have more options. Victoria Dates already has a large membership base and continues to grow, as hundreds join every day. When I created my account two years ago, there were about a dozen of women from the U.S., and now several hundreds of American girls are looking for their Mr. Right here. Also, this site is extremely popular among women from Eastern Europe. I’ve never met them before, and I was pleasantly surprised by their beauty and intelligence, enough so that I ended up proposing to one of them!

Quick video guide about how to sign up at Victoria Dates

Membership Subscription

There is only one membership plan available to you on this site. It costs $9.99 and gives you Premium status for an unlimited period.

Becoming a premium member, you can read your incoming messages and e-mails and view who has visited your profile, Liked you, or added your page to their Favorites. The greatest advantage of this membership plan is that it’s not based on services that have to be used before a certain date.

Membership Subscription at VictoriaDates

It’s up to you to decide what services to order here. So members end up spending money on the things they really need. And your costs are based solely on your activity – how many minutes you’ve spent in live chats, how many messages you’ve sent to other members, and other services.

The prices are denominated in the site’s currency called “credits.” Purchasing a membership subscription, you get your first 20 credits. But you can buy additional credit packages at any time and pay for them with your MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, or American Express.

How to Find the Right Girl on This Site

As I mentioned at the beginning of this online dating site review, I want to share some useful tips. So here are some steps that can help you get the most out of being a member of this site.

  • Don’t forget to confirm your e-mail address. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll get an e-mail from the site’s team asking you to confirm your address by responding with an e-mail. Do it to be able to receive notifications about matching partners, ladies who are interested in you and all new messages and chat invitations. That way, you will always be aware of what’s happening and reduce your risks of missing someone important.
  • Share information about your goals, personality, and tastes in women. All members are required to complete a short welcome questionnaire about yourself and the woman of your dreams. I never liked exams, but nevertheless, I recommend not ignoring it. The thing is that the site’s matching algorithms use your answers to this questionnaire to offer you matching partners. So if you want to benefit from this technology, be honest when completing it. It was this technology that helped me meet my girlfriend on Victoria Dates, and it might be able to help you if you just let it.
  • Choose a quality profile picture. This site allows members to upload any pictures they want, but I recommend that you choose quality photos that highlight your best features.
  • Play the Faces game at least once. This is a unique search option that allows you to flip through the photos of random women and start chatting with them immediately or, at least, show your interest by giving them your Like. It’s the perfect tool for guys who don’t know what kind of woman they are looking for on the site. And even if you meet nobody here, you will definitely have fun just trying it.
  • Use different search tools. The more search tools you use, the more you’re able to find the best matches. Don’t confine yourself to just one search option.
  • Verify your account to get more trust from other members. VictoriaDates offers its members ID Confirmation as a measure of protection from scams.


If you are a newbie who hasn’t met someone interesting here yet,it may seem unnecessary to undergo ID Confirmation. 

Verify your account to get more trust from other members at VictoriaDates

But keep in mind that there are many scammers on dating sites who create fake profiles to attract naive men and women for luring money from them, among other things.

So being an owner of a validated profile, you get more trust from other members and access to all features this site offers, including requesting contact details and setting up real dates.


  • Always be online from your mobile device. This site doesn’t have its own application yet, but it has a mobile version that works rather well. That way, you won’t have to wait until you get home to your computer. Respond to girls as soon as you can. I promise they will appreciate it.
  • Spend credits only on communication with people you like. Remember that here you are paying for each interaction with other members. So there’s no point in being a nice guy and answering women you don’t like as a courtesy. Doing it, you are wasting both your and these women’s time and money.
  • Send real gifts to your online date. No one dreams about a virtual relationship that drags on forever. All the girls eventually want to get nice gifts and flowers. This site has its own online shop where you can buy your girlfriend a gift and order delivery right to her doorstep. It’s an excellent opportunity to move your relationship to the next stage.
  • If you’ve met someone special, take her out on a real date! Be brave. Even if you and your girlfriend live in different countries, you will have to meet in person and go on that first date if you want your feelings to blossom into something deeper. It’s very easy to do with the Set up a Date service that this site offers. I’m still grateful to the site’s team members for their help in organizing my visit to Kiev. I wouldn’t have had the courage or ability to do it alone.


Victoria Dates – a reputable dating site confirmed by an Australia bloke

I had been a member of this site for a year before I met my girlfriend. And there are pros and cons that I found.


  • Thousands of members who are ready for a serious relationship.
  • More female members than males.
  • One unlimited membership plan that doesn’t include services you don’t need.
  • A mobile version that works well.
  • The ability to pay by debit or credit card for all services.
  • Fast e-mail notifications.
  • Online shop that delivers flowers and gifts right to your partner’s door.


  • You need to pay for each interaction after purchasing a subscription.
  • The site doesn’t have a mobile application yet.
  • Some women here don’t speak English well enough.


I hope that this VictoriaDates review helped you to understand that with the help of modern technologies, anyone can find love in Australia, Canada, Ukraine, France, or Germany without leaving his or her apartment. And it’s great! So if you are still lonely, consider this review as a sign from above and join this classy and reputable dating site. I’m sure you’ll get lucky and find your soul mate.

If you are a guy or girl searching for a serious relationship without prejudice that online dating is for losers, keep reading this VictoriaDates review about the site that connects people from Australia, the U.S., and European countries.

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